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What is T°Cool® Landscape Sand?

T°Cool® Landscape Sand is the best infill to use in residential settings.

Two components make our landscape sand special. The first is our sand—T°Cool sand is the highest quality sand available. We are able to make this claim due to its hardness, sphericity and the precise grading of particle sizes.

The next component is our patented T°Cool® liquid cooling technology—it is naturally antimicrobial, odor-resistant, and works on the cooling principle of thermoregulation.

TCool 50 degrees cooler than regular turf
“Since we decided to install T°Cool® Landscape Sand Infill for our backyard turf project, we love our yard even more now that our kids and dog can actually play on our turf during the hot summer months. It’s been an absolute life-saver for us and we recommend T°Cool® for anyone thinking about installing artificial turf.”

Benefits of using T°Cool® Landscape Sand in your Home Turf

TCool Cooler Surface Icon

50° Cooler Surface

Some studies have found temperatures on artificial turf exceeding that of nearby natural grass in the range of 40° to 60°F—even up to 80°F—leaving final temperatures of synthetic turf at 140-160°F. To combat this problem, all T°Cool® products have been laboratory-tested and confirmed to keep your turf surface up to 50° cooler.

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T°Cool® landscape products use antimicrobial liquid coatings. While traditional infills are riddled with bacteria and other microorganisms, T°Cool® infill is highly resistant to all types of these classifications.

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Traditional infills are susceptible to collecting odors from years of shoes, sweat, and outdoor debris, making routine cleanings and treatments absolutely necessary. T°Cool® products’ chemical makeup is naturally resistant to odors, making routine maintenance less frequent and saving you money.

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